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RFTC is the pinnacle of procurement and service of rare fish and rare fish supplies.
Our hand picked team of fish experts will personally ensure you get the merchandice you are after.

Unmatched In Merchandise And Selection

The Rare Fish Trading Company has and will continue to scour the depths of the furthest planets to bring back one of a kind specimens.
RFTC knows you want something different, something special, and we plan to bring you that very something you desire.

Allow us to show you
your dream tank.

We are the gentle havesters of the sea. What was once an unknown creature swimming in the dark depths of a remote alien planet is now available for you to display safely in your home, hangar, or star ship. We begin our process by learning our customer, examining the tank (via remote TankScan™) and environment to determine the best aquatic life to match.

Of course, this is your tank and you are ultimately in charge of every dicision of every item that goes into it, we're just here to help. Take a look at some of our recent stock to get an idea of what you might like.

Throughtout history, Rare Fish Trading Company has served elite rare fish connoisseurs worldswide.

Our name reprisents excellence, so much so that it is now ingrained into our company mission statement.
We will continue to grow and adapt over the years as we have, to gurantee only the best in rare fish service and delivery.

The Legacy Continues

The history of the Rare Fish Trading Company dates so far back, we're actually unsure of when the company actually began. We've found documents and receipts dating as far back as the ancient Shang Dynasty, and though difficult to decipher, seem to suggest RFTC may be the oldest rare fish supplier in the known human history. It of course went under a different name at the time, a name we have yet to decipher as it doesnt seem to be in a text we are familiar with.

One document we have resolved is a bill of sale of this company, and it has been tracked ever since. Best we can legitimately tell RFTC began as an actual company in 1409, this time however, resurfacing in Edo.

Nestling near the shores of the Sumida River in Nihonbashi supplying military platoons with delicious fish rations as the medieval wars waged on, and power strugles were won and lost.

RFTC managed to remain alive throughout the chaos and continued to supply top choice fish in Edo's prime market at the mouth of the Sumida River. Our records show RFTC rooted themselves on the shores of Edo for many years, amassing massive fleets of shipping vessels as well as massive amounts of wealth. Enough to establish themselves as the supplier of fish to the very royalty at Edo Castle.

Time passes and the oceans continue to move the land to their whim, as do the humans that cover it's surface.

It wasn't long before powers shifted, and Tokyo was born. Rare Fish Trading Company was a well established business for many years, surviving flood, famine, wars, rice riots, and dynamic royalty shifts. Massive leaps in technology, ideology, religion, and business. It wasnt until the Earth shook that the Rare Fish Trading Company was faced with it's greatest challenge.

The Great Kantō earthquake of 1923 absolutley devistated RFTC, owning one of the tallest buildings built at the time and not built for such a thrashing, the entire building came down into its footprint, killing over 90% of the RFTC staff, including the CEO and members of the board who were throwing a company party to celebrate the summer harvest.

As the central base of operations for RFTC was destroyed the company quicly fell into crippling debt. With only their ships to the company name, they quickly put them up for sale to bring in as much as possible to quickly establish a place of business in the new prime fish market in town, Tsukiji.

An armys worth of ships suddenly hit the market, this unorthodox behavior on the market caught the eye of a still-to-be mysterious investor, who quickly bought every ship on the market, as well as RFTC itself.

To Be Continued...

"Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of time."

-H. P. Lovecraft

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